Choosing what exactly fits

close up of woman making gingerbread houses

It’s time to guard your preciousness, Dears…It’s just too easy to be swept away by the excitement of the season. To say yes to every delicious invitation and delightful morsel. Each year I notice the pull to indulge in all the sensual delights of the holidays. But when I do, the hangover I endure by New Years makes me regret it all. On autopilot, having taste every last cookie and drop of champagne, I wake up grumpy and exhausted. Too often I’ve come crashing down into January, mad at myself for overdoing it and annoyed with everyone else, just wanting a little peace and quiet!

Here’s the problem as I see it. Instead of living every day as sensually alive women, too often we starve ourselves of the most satisfying pleasures — genuine self-care, reverence for our deepest desires — and then overindulge, thinking we’re making up for all our betrayal. But that empty feeling inside still lingers.

This is NOT how we are meant to live. 

Not if we want to be embodying full-out and powerful lives of joy and happiness… to be in integrity with our deepest needs and energized for what the world most needs of us. Living the sort of pleasure that deepens into joy and contentment isn’t about having more or less, but instead is about being present enough to choose only what exactly fits in this moment. It means slowing down enough to notice in the first place, to really hear your desires. It means valuing yourself fully enough to notice when a no will actually mean more pleasure… and when your yes is an emphatic, no-holds-barred “​YES!”

The ancients used this dark time each year to go deep into quiet and reflection. They understood our intrinsic connectedness to all of life. So, instead of flying in the face of the cycles Nature gives me — and then diving back into the new year exhausted and drained   — I want to use this turning of the calendar to listen to my own still small voice, reset my physiology, and claim my purposeful intentions for 2016.

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