Turning the Tables on my Concussion

I had a helmet on, I promise.
Everything should have been fine.
But as I was getting on my bike somehow I lost my balance
and bonked my head on the driveway.

I cried a little and swore a lot,
but rode into town anyway.
Not half an hour into my meeting though
I realized something was definitely not right.
That was two and a half months ago.
I couldn’t drive for 8 days… or look at screens at all.
Massive headaches!

I’d gone to every sort of alternative and straight ahead healer.
With much success. Lucky I live in the Berkshires.

By September I thought I was better.
No more headache behind my eyes.
I’d even forgotten about the fall.

At the seven-week mark I went to my first yoga class,
excited to be back to myself.

But a few simple down dogs and planks were enough
to set me back a month at least.

Maybe you’ve noticed I haven’t been writing,
Fact is, I haven’t been on my computer much at all. 
With my special blue glasses,
I can look at my screens for a few minutes at a time,
but then the headaches start up again, and I know I’d better stop.
There are enough scary stories out there to make me behave!

Still, I had plans for the summer! And now, the fall.
But here’s what I’ve noticed.
Life hasn’t ended.
(Well… at first it felt like it might.)

Instead I’ve had time for gentle walks in nature. 
And phone calls!
My usual incessant texting is being replaced by real conversations. 

At first it didn’t feel as efficient, but now I’m way happier. 

I miss writing blogs,
But I’ve been working in person and on the phone with wonderful people.

And somehow I have more clients than I’ve ever had before.
I haven’t finished my book.
I haven’t sent my writing to publication outlets.
I haven’t stayed up to date on FaceBook or Instagram.
But I have had time for the real people in my life.
And my summer has been a joy. 
Here’s what the Buddha says:
Happiness does not depend on what you have or who you are.
It solely relies on what you think.

So here’s what I’m choosing to think:
As much of an inconvenience as this concussion has been,
I think my concussion has been a blessing.
I’m pretty darn happy.
And it’s brought surprising gifts.

My summer assistant did all the posting for January’s Mexico retreat sale,
and there’s only one spot still left!
Jane, my editor and coach,
is typing this right now, and we’re having a blast.
I hope I’ll be back to yoga by the end of the month,
and, fingers crossed, by the end of the year
I’ll be able to look at my computer screen for long enough to finish my book.

But for now, I want to be with people I adore.
I want to be real, celebrating the joys we already have.
I want to choose to see what’s right about the life I have right now
exactly as it presents itself, in this moment.

I want to do this with you.
With just a few of my sisters.
I don’t want to wait till I’m all better!

If getting back to enjoying your body’s pleasure sounds good to you,
no matter your shape or situation…
If prioritizing your heart’s openness feels like your highest calling,
even if it’s breaking…

If teaching your mind to be a servant instead of a tyrant sounds like freedom,
then come join me for a mini-retreat here at my house
November 16-18.

It’s together that we catalyze to make real change in the world.
And after the week we’ve just had, I say it’s time!

Sound good? Then let’s talk.

But please don’t email me. I’m likely to miss it.
Leave a message at (413) 329-7477,
and we’ll get right back to you.

Let’s make this a beautiful Autumn, Dear Sisters,
in spite and because of all that’s roiling around us!

With my love,