What magic do you want to conjure this solstice?


If you’re like me, you could use a weekend at the beach right about now.
…a few days lounging with your sisters,
eating healthy, laughing long, and going deep.

Maybe you’d like to wake in the morning a few steps from the beach, sand between your toes, learning a few simple yet powerful practices to keep your spark ignited and alive.

How about a little sun (OH, YEA!) and the sunshine you feel inside when you’re in touch with the joy of your own innate beauty,
remembering your sensual self and the pleasure you were meant to live?

That’s the reward for taking time away!
Every one of us needs reminders, especially now, living in this soul-crushing and pleasure-depleting world!

My dear friend and embodiment coach Shane Kulman and I are putting the final touches on our Magical Feminine Summer Solstice Retreat at the Beach June 16-18…

That’s just around the corner.
But maybe you’ve been waiting.
Trying to make it through on your own.
We just so happen to have a few spots left.
Are you tempted?

Just a short ferry ride from lower Manhattan,
Rockaway is funky and fun!
The beach house is, too!
We’ll be touching back in with our sensual selves…
and playing together in ceremony and silliness on the beach, around a fire, in circle, and out about town.

Sound like fun?
Click here to see the Rockaway waves rolling in and more about the weekend!

Most of us don’t do much ceremony or ritual.
Traditional religion’s rigidity sullied much of the sacredness of these ancient and indispensable practices.
But people were working ritually with Nature’s elements — earth, air, water, and fire — farther back than we can know.

Here’s the good news!
A ritual is simply an intentional practice that’s repeated. You create the meaning… and the magic!

Without our conscious action on the physical plane we tend to float through life, losing focus and reverence for our own deeper selves.
At least I do.

Each month with the moon’s cycles — and every season — I’ve found it powerful to create ritual for letting go of what’s just gone down and creating the future I most want.
Maybe you do something like this, too?

When I look back, there’s always some left-over flotsam I need to shake off 
— messes I’ve created, or habits or beliefs still standing in the way of my joy.
I like to use fire to ceremonially burn away and release the stagnant goo holding me back.

Then I sanctify my intentions for the days and weeks to come, empowering my dreaming into specific promises to myself, simple actions I’ll take to make them real in my daily life.

There’s wisdom in setting aside this kind of time to honor and empower ourselves.
And… when ceremony is done in community and coincides with the earth’s cycles,
that’s when real magic can happen.

It’s also why Shane and I have created this Magical Feminine Summer Solstice Retreat.
After such a difficult time, we deserve some powerful SUMMER conjuring!

No matter where you are on June 21st, don’t miss out on the magic that your ancestors knew. 
How will you let the upcoming summer solstice — the longest day of the year — empower your intentions for more purpose and pleasure?

Please share your ideas here! And be energized by the wise women of this community. Our words inspire!

If stress has you living in less joy than you know is your authentic essence, this is the time to let the summer sun ignite your bliss. And enjoy!